Our mission is to make healthy, delicious 100% organic chocolate snacks available for everybody. To enjoy every moment of the day!

Van Vliet chocolate was launched in 2015 by David and Yuri, a Dutch/Japanese husband and wife team with a passion for sports and chocolate. When they moved from Europe to Ehime Japan, David found there were many nice sports opportunities in the mountains of Shikoku like road biking, running and hiking, but no healthy chocolate snacks that he good eat during and after these activities. So they decided to start importing their own chocolates from Europe. With three little children who also loved chocolate they wanted to import healthy and fair trade chocolate without additives and not full of sugar. 

At first Yuri and David started with big 100 gram chocolate tablets packed in Iyo-washi paper that was designed by a befriended painter/artist. Selling them on local markets and in their own shop, the passion to make more different sorts of healthy chocolate snacks grew.
And soon David started making chocolates with nuts and dried fruits and creating a range of different products that all had one thing in common; simple, natural and delicious!

Try out our healthy VanVliet Chocolates and experience some European stye healthy snacks!